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The COVID crisis has not stopped us from providing the legal services that people need. We have adapted without missing a beat. 

We are currently in Phase 4 of the Illinois Restore plan for the State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are meeting with clients remotely by phone or video conference. We are now scheduling document signing in-person by following recommended safety protocols designed to protect our clients from the spread of the virus. We are also able to arrange for electronic signing, witnessing and notarization so that people can sign Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorneys remotely during this time of crisis. 

If you need estate planning done now, don’t hesitate to get started. We are painfully more aware now, perhaps than ever before, that our futures are not guarantied. Don’t put it off. 

Contact us today if you need Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney or other help in these difficult times.

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A well-planned estate is a final, lasting gift that we can leave to our loved ones, organized and ready for them to take over without a hitch. The reality is that we usually put off estate planning, and sometimes until it is too late. We have no guarantees that we will live 90 years let alone another year. Meanwhile, the feeling that we are not taking care of something important nags at us and can leave us sleepless at night.

Most of us do not want to leave messy estates for our loved ones to have to clean up. If we do not plan our estates, we leave them to be determined by happenstance and the laws of intestacy. Estate planning and administration considerations apply to everyone who has assets, but especially to people with children or other family or friends to provide for.

Estate planning allows us to determine for ourselves who will handle our estates, who will raise our children, who will receive our assets and how they will be managed. Estate planning includes putting in place mechanisms for the management of our affairs and necessary decisions if we become incapacitated and unable to manage our own affairs while we are still living. Doing estate planning allows us control of the management of our estates to:

  • Choose who will handle the estate
  • Choose who will receive the assets of the estate
  • Leave detailed instructions for how the estate will be handled
  • Streamline the administration of the estate, saving time and cost and frustrations for loved ones
  • Protect the assets left to loved ones
  • Minimize or even avoid altogether state inheritance taxes and federal estate taxes

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